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Bulldog Pouts Like a Baby Because He Misses Daycare and We Can’t Get Enough

We were thrown for a loop after watching this TikTok video from @frankithebully. Normally, when you pull your children from school or daycare, they’re so excited. They just want to be home, out of the school walls and relaxing. Or they’d rather be running around at the park in the summertime instead of having their heads down reading books. But this dog is a little different than a human kid. 

Franki the Bulldog did not want to be home at all. He was recently at doggie daycare for a week while his dad was away. He must’ve had the time of his life while there because he hasn’t been the same since being home. Franki’s dad decided to film how he’s acting at home in hopes of getting some advice. And Franki’s face will just melt your heart! He needs to go back to daycare ASAP, that’s the only solution! 

OMG! The poor pup is so sad. All he wants is to be back with his best friends, playing and running around. Home is nice, but it’s definitely not the same for him. Franki is depressed. The only therapy he needs is daycare! 

@Soudad wrote, “Poor baby, 😳 he’s mad at you daddy!! You owe him Big time 😂❤️.” He owes Franki at least a couple of days at daycare a week. That will be enough to get his playtime and friends fix in. @Lisa commented, “He’s seen the other side! There is no going back!” HA! Now every time his owner leaves, Franki is going to expect to go back to daycare. 

There must be something special about doggiedaycare because Franki isn’t the only pup who misses it after coming home. @Many said, “So does my Lab!! I took him out of daycare for the summer and he’s miserable!!!!” See, quite the opposite of children who can’t wait to get out of school for the summer. LOL!