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Bulldog's Unexpected Reaction to Going to the Dog Park Is Way Too Cute

Normally, a trip to the dog park will send a pooch over the moon. They absolutely live for the moment you unclip their leash so they can run free to their heart's content...unless they're Beef Wellington the English Bulldog, that is.

Aside from having a fantastic name, this chonky boy is a true hero for lazy dogs around the world. Instead of giving in to peer pressure and running around when he'd rather not, this guy executes a genius (and adorable) plan of his own. This was all caught on tape and shared on his TikTok account, @wellingtons_world, but it'll be all around the Internet before we know it. 

Oh, Wellington, we love you so. We relate to this struggle so much, and we don't even know what's going through your little doggie mind. Then again, perhaps we don't need to know! 

"A sploot in the middle of all the action!!" @curlygirllv commented. "I feel his vibes 😂🥰." LOL--so do we! While everyone else is worried about getting things done, we're over here thinking about our next nap. Let's go with @generalwashington's explanation of events: "It’s his day off." Let the baby rest!

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"Yes, then you carry them home!" wrote @palmsprings55. Honestly, it sounds like a pretty sweet idea... until you realize how positively thick some dogs can be. Especially English Bulldogs! 

"He’s such a bowling ball 😩," Wellington's mama replied. "[It's] my workout for the day." Oof. We don't blame you! The way she worded this makes it sound like this has been a somewhat regular occurrence, though, so we hope they find some kind of solution! 

Until then, we'll just keep enjoying this guy's laziness from the comfort of our phones. Just like @jennyblasvegas said, "that’s the energy I had at work today,"  so we'll be catching up on our naps if you need us. 

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