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Bulldog's Pout Over Not Being Able to Sit in Mom's Lap Is Just Plain Sad

One of the worst feelings in the world is disappointing your pet. Whether you tell them you don't have time to play or that they can't get a pup cup for the day, you can see the hurt in their eyes. Now, we're learning from a sweet, sad English Bulldog that pups don't even have to be ours to rip our hearts out!  

The dog named Papi shows us the biggest frown we've ever seen in a new TikTok clip shared by @englishbulldogpapi_angel. Papi's mom explains to him there's no room for him to sit on the chair with her and his doggy sister. But Papi doesn't quite understand since Angel is happily in mom's lap. His adorable angry protest has us wanting to scoop him up and take him home! No one leaves Papi in the corner! 

How could you do that to him, mom?! And if you don't get a bigger chair for Papi, some of these TikTok users will be coming after you. We wish we were kidding! People flooded the comments coming to Papi's defense and demanding for better treatment for this precious pup. "Move sissy over and make room for that poor baby!" wrote @Michelle Martinez. "You make room for that baby right NOW!!!! Cause if I see another tear or hear another cry, I HAVE A HUGE CHAIR & someones comin' to My HOUSE🤣," said @JP. No no, he's coming to our house!! 

"I love that pouty face," said @NekoAlize. And that lip, OMG!! Plus, he asked to sit with you so nicely! "THERES ALWAYS MORE ROOM FOR THAT KIND OF LOVE!!" demanded @James Zipprian. We can't bear to look at that sad, sad face ever again. So please make room for Papi and if not, we have plenty of room for him. 

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