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Video of Tiny Bulldog Puppy 'Finding Her Voice' Couldn't Be More Precious

Is there anything better than a puppy? Not only are they just so small and perfect, it's such a joy watching them go through all their firsts. Their first bath, their first walk — or like one pup on TikTok, their first barks! One chatty little girl was caught working on her woof on camera. And thank goodness her mama decided to share it with the rest of us because the moment was so special. 

According to the video shared by Christina from @diythisoldhousewme, their new Bulldog puppy was chilling with her daughter when she decided he had something to say. The footage shows the dog letting out the tiniest bark you've probably ever heard — much to her big sister's delight. Soon, both Christina and her daughter join in on the noises, egging the pup on so she could get his bark just right. Take a look!

"Taking a quick break from tear out to enjoy our little peanut finding her voice. Three weeks young! Precious Princess," the video's caption reads.

The video has quickly racked up over 480,000 views online and people were positively swooning. "Not sure which is sweeter, the cute roar or her giggles," @erikacontreras126 wrote in the comments section. "I don’t know which is cuter….her lil cute laugh or the lil cute bark," @mochatea5149 agreed. "So cute welcome to having a bulldog they are fun, funny, and characters for sure!!" @325texasgirl added. "A memory that will last forever!! The smallest things are what life’s worth living that laugh so heartwarming," @zia191004 explained. 

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We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.


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