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Video of Bulldog Puppy 'Napping in the Oregano' Has People Falling in Love

Bringing home a foster dog is always a transition. The dog is in a new, unfamiliar location. They're most likely scared and shy. But eventually they warm up to their new, temporary family. They realize that there are nice people out there who love them. And as they get comfortable, it's nonstop playing, treats and quiet sleeping. They get so used to the lifestyle that they just plop down anywhere for a little snooze.

That's what happened for TikTok user @mrmcparty and the foster dog named Shaggy. This adorable Bulldog puppy apparently loves taking a nap outside. With the birds chirping and breeze blowing, we understand why. It's peaceful! But it's the location where he takes a nap that has us LOLing, especially since he does it often. Once you see it, you'll fall in love instantly with this cutie!

AW! A power nap in oregano?! Now, that's new to us! But he didn't care where he was, he just needed to rest. And honestly, he's pretty smart. Rest where you can eat and smell delicious afterwards. Then he can skip the whole bathing thing. LOL! 

"I can relate...sleeping and eating are two of my favorite things to do 😂😂😂. He’s adorable," wrote @Kathy Deborde. Isn't that everyone's two favorite things?! LOL! "Shaggy was dreaming of spaghetti 😂," added @Michelle Joyner563. How could you not when you're surrounded by the delicious smell of oregano? 

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@poshzosh asked, "How will you ever be able to let him go?! I’d adopt him in a heartbeat 💓." Right?! He's such a little cutie pie! We'd fail at being Shaggy's foster parents only because we'd adopt him the moment we brought him home. And if you are interested in adopting Shaggy, the creator said he is not quite ready yet. The comment reads, "The rescue wants to be sure the entire litter are spay/neutered." Wait, so does that mean there are more little Shaggys?! Sign us up for the wait list because want all of them!

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