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Video of Tiny Bulldog Puppy Learning to Use the Stairs Is Completely Irresistible

TikTok user @brutustheenglishbully recently welcomed into the family a new puppy. The adorable English Bulldog pup is named Bru and he's seriously too cute to handle. And as any puppy owner may know, there's a bit of learning the little fur babies have to get used to. From potty training to learning not to bite, it's a whole process. Even learning to go upstairs is a scary challenge, but not impossible.  

In this recent clip, Bru is taking one giant step for pup-kind and tackling one of the learning curves. He's learning to master the stairs! One of his owners is standing behind him, just in case anything were to happen. And the other is at the top, encouraging him to keep on moving. You'll fall in love with Bru as soon as you start the video! 

AW! What a precious little baby! You could just see how determined he was to make it up those steps. "He is doing his most bestest," wrote @yana78103. That's all a parent could ask for! 

"That's a lot of work for such an adorable little guy," said @TexasGal51. It was a lot of work! Did you see all those stairs?! But that didn't bother Bru. "He smol but mighty," added @mikeyocean_. And so brave too! He kept working at it. Soon enough he'll be able walk up the stairs and run around the house so much that his parents won't be able to keep up!

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Another TikTok user, @Kalen Shoemaker, commented, "Needs a treat, nap, and massage for all that effort exuded." Oh he sure does need all of that and then some! All we know is that if we're so proud of him, his parents are probably over the moon. We also can't wait to see what this growing boy accomplishes next!  

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