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Bulldog's Sheer Annoyance Over His New Rain Gear Couldn't Be More Priceless

We get it--rainy days can be annoying. From increased traffic to messed-up hairdos (hello, humidity) they're just a hassle all around. 

Nelson the English Bulldog knows exactly what we're talking about, though his grievances are more about his rain gear than anything. Just take a look at his viral video from his TikTok account--@kingmajesty_princessrose (Rose is his little Bulldog sister). Nelson's little boots may be adorable AF, but he hasn't gotten used to them quite yet. As annoying as it is for him, we'd be lying if we said we weren't smiling from ear-to-ear after seeing him. Who ever said grumpy can't be cute?

Oh Nelson! We will never get enough of dogs walking funny in new shoes, but something about this Bulldog's pure annoyance is extra hilarious. That adorable raincoat and perfectly coordinated music definitely don't hurt! 

"It’s like your own choreographed dance! 🥰," commented @jet_the_english_bulldog. It totally is! His owner could not have found better music for his walking, too--it's practically in sync. Though we're not convinced Nelson would want to try this dance again! 

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We feel exactly like @ella.plopkoek, who commented, "this brought me so much joy. thank you." We're not sure how anyone could resist this grumpy boy's strut! Hopefully all the happiness this video brings can make up for Nelson's difficult day, but what's a minute in rain boots compared to eternal Internet fame? 

Here's another bonus: Nelson is inspiring other owners whose pets won't potty in the rain! @Ladymuck0 wrote, "I need these 😍 No jokes but my pup actually has started crapping on the back door mat cause it's too cold for his pampered paws." Oh no! Nelson might try to convince you otherwise, but dog rain boots totally are something to consider. 

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