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Bulldog's Precious Reaction to Newborn Baby Brother Has People Obsessed

There’s something so sweet about the first time your dog meets your new baby. It’s like you’ve finally introduced your two favorite people in the whole to each other, and now you get to watch them fall in love. On TikTok, one man even documented the process of introducing his Bulldog, Pablo, to his son, Toby. He then kept track as the two eventually became not just friends, but brothers.

The video starts with the first day that @bulldogpabs brought his newborn home. “You got to be gentle,” the new dad told Pablo in the footage. “I know you’re excited, but you’ve got to be gentle, all right?” As the video continues, Toby tries to delicately take a peak at Toby and by the end of Toby’s first week at home, Pablo was caught staring adoringly at his new brother. “Pablo. You’re a good boy, ain’t ya?” his dad can be heard saying in the background.

OMG. Could Pablo be any sweeter? What a good, loving boy he is. And it was Pablo’s relationship with Toby by the end of 6 months that really won people over. Now, not only does Pablo watch over Toby like a protective big brother, but now he knows how to give him kisses, too! 

Commenters couldn’t get over how sweet Pablo was with Toby. “Toby isn’t your baby anymore, he’s Pablo’s,” joked @lulubean93. “When he’s sat looking at him on the sofa 🥰,” @critical_thinker_76 beamed. “Pablo loves Toby so much. He is Toby’s protector 🥰🥰,” @seebyb chimed in. In a second video shared by @bulldogpabs he showed a longer clip of Pablo watching over Toby and explained that Pablo has “always watched out for him since day 1.”

 Awww, looks like the best big brother in the making to us.