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Video Of Bulldog Rocking Out To Music Is The Perfect Vibe For Friday

There's nothing like a good jam session to your favorite song. It can lighten anyone's mood--even if you're an English Bulldog! Yep, Eggnog the Bulldog just loves rocking out to her favorite tunes, and her mama managed to sneak it on film. We're so glad she did, and so are her other 732 thousand followers!

Watching this precious clip from Eggnog and her mama is even better with the sound on, but honestly, we could imagine this clip alongside a number of songs. This video's potential for remixing is incredible! This Bulldog girl can make any song a hit with her moves.

Go, Eggnog! It's your birthday! Well, maybe it isn't, but those dance moves are still fire. We have a feeling this girl could turn any scene into a party; no wonder viewers like @jennb6907 find her "absolutely adorable!"

We can't help but wonder what made her start grooving to the music, but honestly, let's not question it. We're just here to vibe with her and to appreciate comments like @wepayeah's: "[Sh]e doesn't pass the vibe check, [sh]e IS the vibe! 👍🏽." You said it! "[Sh]e's got rhythm 😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰" and spunk to spare--just like @richelleleerehber3 said--and we have no doubt she's on her way to TikTok stardom.

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When most pups would be obsessed with sticking their heads out of the window, Eggnog would rather chill with her mama to some relaxing tunes. We'd hang with her any day. @Sabrinathecorgi sounds like she agrees with her comment that says, "I am clearly in the wrong vehicle, I want to be at [her] party 😂." This girl is going to need a limo with all of her fans who want to jam with her! 

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