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Video of Bulldog Getting Scared by His Own Yawn Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Month

As anybody knows, yawns can get intense. Before you know it, your whole face and upper body is stretching, your eyes might water, and even your vocal cords activate. That's why we totally understand @sirwinstonofcomly's startled reaction to his very large yawn!

As relatable as this English Bulldog's reaction is, it's also funny AF. Watch at your own risk, though--yawns are contagious!

LMAO! Oh, Sir Winston, you are too precious for this world. Thank you for such a great laugh--we needed it.

We're guessing lots of his commenters loved having a giggle, too. Their reactions are almost as funny as the pup's! 

"I've sat here watching this over and over and 😂," wrote @maryking.houndmomforlife."He's so adorable 🥰." Aha! So we aren't the only ones watching this precious clip on repeat, after all. We suppose everyone's a sucker for a sweet, squishy guy like Sir Winston. 

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Just like @jrenee said, "that was his 'why are you like this' moment😂." LOL! He was definitely rattled after that yawn caught him off guard, but let's be honest, it happens to everyone. With Sir Winston, as @roxysworld2013 would put it, it's "just too cute!"

We love the direction @missxsarai took with it, too: "Let’s be honest.. sometimes we can’t stand ourselves either 😂." Oof! Relatable and honest? Looks like you're onto something, girl. 

Still, there's no harm in enjoying this boy's silly reaction, especially when he goes through "all the emotions in one moment 😂🥰." That's how viewer @dog_mom_3_2 saw it, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't see it too. He didn't know what to make of it all! 

Think Sir Winston can't surprise you any more? Think again! When @klenskeunion asked, "Is he an olde English bulldog?" we were totally shocked by the answer. 

"English with 1/16th beagle," the pup's human asked. Would you ever have guessed?

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