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Bulldog-Shih-Tzu Mix Rescue Dog Is Capturing Everyone's Hearts

It's bullshiht, we tell you! Except actually--it isn't. This unique little pup who's taking TikTok by storm is a rare mix of grumpy and adorable, and we are absolutely living for it. BamBam's father is a purebred Shih-Tzu while his mother is an American Bulldog. Somehow, he looks exactly like what we imagined this mix to look like--AKA: scruffy AF.

And it's the cutest thing! BamBam--part of @bulldogs&abullshiht--is certainly one of the more unique breed combinations we've ever seen, which makes it especially meaningful that he's a rescue dog. Many bulldogs and flat-faced breeds are facing severe health consequences due to extreme breeding, so rescuing really can make a world of difference. Just look at this guy!

Is that what you thought he'd look like? We definitely expected the spots of irregular coloring on his fur as well as the smooshed snout, but something about his eyes was surprising. Maybe it's because "😂 Those eyes are so human looking," like @tesstesh said in the comments. She continued, "he’s an adorable looking grouchy pup!" Isn't he?

"Who's grandpa is this 🥰?" asked @sara_mcvee. Too funny! His scruffiness definitely adds to his more mature look, but in reality Commenter @wendyredheadlovesdogs had the very same thought. "He's too cute," she began. "He looks like a little old man 😂." LOL! BamBam can bark at us to get off his lawn any day. 

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If his obedience skills are any hint, though, this dog is nowhere near senior citizen age. Just look at his other videos! @Bulldogs&abullshiht have been posting more clips of this cutie since he first went viral, but it's his sitting up on his back legs trick that's getting people talking next. 

From begging to his breed, one thing is for sure: this dog is something special.

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