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Bulldog's Hilarious Sleeping Position Has the Internet Laughing Out Loud

There's already a lot that we have in common with our pets, but you can add a love of sleeping to the list. Whether or not your furry friend will nap with you is a totally different question, but there's no doubt that dogs need--and enjoy--their slumber just as much as we do. Just think about how often you catch your buddy taking a snooze!

With oh-so-many naps to fit into one day, your dog will probably fall asleep in some pretty unique spots. Four-legged TikTok star @biathebulldog is the master at this--just take a look at her recent viral video! With 4 million views and counting, this pup really made this particular nap count.

Oh, Bia! You're just too pure and precious. We hope that nap was everything you ever dreamed it would be! You just looked so comfy despite being in such an odd position--we don't know how you did it. Clearly, you are the Queen of Naps. 

According to the comments on this video, we weren't the only ones whose hearts Bia--whose full name is Bianka, as noted on her Instagram--melted. @Thabear_gaming commented, "I just died for a bit 🤣," and when we say "same," we aren't exaggerating one bit! This wrinkly girl is positively precious.

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"Mailman watch is a hard job," wrote @neekoliiz. It must be! Cleary, Bia the Bulldog had been keeping an eye out for something when the sleepies caught up with her. Or maybe "that sun got [her] good," just like @steven235uku said. Oh man, there's nothing quite like a nap in the sun. We get you, Bia! 

Even though @cillasphotography pointed out it looks like "he is meditating 🧘," it also looks hilarious AF. "Must look so funny from the outside too 😂🥰," wrote @gcn1976. OMG, right? We wish Bia's mom had gotten some footage from that angle, too! 

Eve so, this video is beyond adorable exactly how it is. We just can't get enough of Miss Bia! 

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