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Video of Bulldog Stealing His Fur Sibling's Cool Treat Wins the Internet

It seems like your dog is always pulling a fast one — especially when there's food involved. Turn your back for just a second and poof! That bag of chips you were saving is magically gone. This was a lesson that one woman learned the hard way, after waving a popsicle just a little too close to her dog Nigel. We're sure you could guess what happened next.

To be fair to Nigel, who could really resist a delicious-looking popsicle? Welp, in this case the person whom Nigel was stealing from was his fur sister Bella. The hilarious incident was captured by @theziccardibulldogs, who knew internet gold when she saw it. The video starts with the mom offering Bella the delicious treat. But then somebody swoops in and steals it mere inches from her mouth. Fair warning, there's some swearing in the footage. So proceed with caution before watching in front of your kids.

"That's not your ice cream!" the dog mom exclaimed. "When ice cream is life," she later joked in the caption.

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing. "Poor Bella, look at her face when she thought she was getting a treat," @_col_w wrote. "The confusion and disappointment," @zeuseb joked. "Gotta be quicker than that buddy," @squeeezy_vr7 teased. "Nigel said survival of the fittest," @baghdadassup1 quipped. 

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Although some people couldn't get over the pup's name. "Nigel is the best name for a pet," @emilyandnigel09 commented. "His name being Nigel made this 20x funnier than it should’ve been," @missquinn_ added. "Nigel is the best name for a pet," @teduola chimed in. 

But don't worry too much about Bella. Her mama later explained that she didn't go too long without a snack. 

"She got a whole one to herself after I put him in the kitchen," she wrote.

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