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Video of Bulldog Watching the Sunset Over New York City Is So Peaceful

Have you ever wished you could know what your dog is thinking? We all do! So it doesn't surprise us that one person on TikTok was captivated trying to figure out what was going on inside their Bulldog's head as he was watching the sunset. He looked so peaceful! 

Franki is a Bulldog from Miami, Florida, so we're sure that he gets a brilliant view of the sunset every evening. According to a video on his TikTok page @frankithebully, the pup was having his nightly "me time" when his owner caught him on camera. "Franki would sit and watch the sunset every night when he lived in Brooklyn," the video's text overlay reads. "What was he thinking about? Do dogs have thoughts like we do? Do they enjoy moments of peace like us?"  Judging by the video we'd have to argue that dogs are some seriously deep thinkers!

The video has been watched over 95,000 times and people were so in love. "He was having a main character moment," @bonjour_mf4330 joked. "I think they do enjoy moments! I have one that just stares into the sky in the evening. Dunno why but she is regular about it," @barleyman12 shared. "That he’s happy right where he is in the peace and quiet and not the hustle and bustle of the city," @sarahlattig guessed, speaking of what Franki could possibly be thinking. "Darkness is coming, I need to stay alert in the event Batman contacts me from Gotham," @toxicmargs joked. 

Obviously we'll never really know what Franki was thinking, but we'd like to think he's contemplating how peaceful the city is from his apartment. We can only dream! 

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