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Video of Annoyed Bulldog ‘Telling Off’ Grandma Couldn’t Be More Priceless

We've all been there before, poking fun at our furry friends and messing with them. Not too much though, just enough to push their buttons. And don't deny it, you know you've done it before! Messing with them could be something as little as blowing in their faces or sometimes it could be as big as pretending to leave the house without them. Luckily, our pets don't seem to mind. Sometimes...

TikTok user @delboy406 certainly cared when grandma got to messing with him. The English Bulldog was minding his own business looking out the door. Grandma was sitting next to him and like any of us would do, she decided to push his buttons by blowing on his ear. She quickly stopped once he looked at her to pretend it wasn’t her. That didn’t fool him though. His face explains how annoyed he really was, and how he addresses grandma is priceless.

HA! Delboy was not having any of it! He was more and more annoyed every time he turned around. And because Grandma didn’t stop, he had to go over to her and set her straight. Understandable! Although, we’ll bet the two of the made-up and snuggled right after their talk. 

TikTokers are LOLing at this video and guessing the meaning behind Delboy’s hilarious reaction. @Storm commented, “Now you listen to me… I said no blowing my ear.” But Grandma didn’t get the message, and one stern look was clearly not enough. Ha! “He’s like…’You can’t food me lady’😂,” added @claywoman1. 

His annoyance just grew as Grandma kept going. So, of course, he needed to take it up with her face-to-face. @Jeff Cunningham wrote, “You are in big trouble Nan!! 😂” Oh no! We’d be shaking in our boots! @CountryChris70 said, “Oh… U wanna start sum  wiff me?” LOL! We’ll bet good money Grandma won’t mess with Delboy again after this!