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Bulldog's Tender Way of Asking for Kisses Is So Full of Love

Dogs are too precious for this earth, but we've somehow gotten lucky enough to live alongside them. From the positions they sleep in, to the ways they ask for attention, there is just so much to fawn over. No wonder our dogs are basically our babies!

Just look at Lexi, one of the adorable @nybulldogsisters. She may seem grumpy and lazy on the outside, but you'll soon see just how affectionate she is.

What a precious Bulldog girl! If we were her mama we'd be showering her in kisses too--especially since she loves them so much. It's rare to find a dog who's that affectionate, so why not take advantage? 

"Omg that is absolutely the most precious thing 🥰," agreed @walker_n_georgia. Miss Lexi can't get enough of her mama's love! The way she rests her head on her mom's shoulder is too much, but when she paws at her? Our hearts nearly melted!

"Sweet baby girl!❤️🐾" @ohsoooocrazy wrote. "My fur kids make me smile everyday! My human kids can’t say that!🤣." LMAO! We have a feeling lots of viewers can relate. Don't worry--we won't tell your kids! We're too busy watching Lexi sweeten up her mama. She's too cute to take our eyes off of!

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