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Video of Bulldog Trying to Get Dad’s Potato Chips Is Impossible to Resist

Dogs don’t really have a sense of boundaries when it comes to us eating. Even if we feed them right before we start our own meal, they’ll still come up to us with those puppy-dog eyes begging for just a nibble. The word ’no’ doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to eating. And somehow, they know we’ll eventually give in and they get the little snack they wanted. 

One Bulldog puts the rest of the begging dogs to shame. TikTok doggo @rockythebulldogboy has no respect for boundaries no matter the type of food. In a recent clip, he is seen sitting on the couch armrest right next to his dad. Dad is eating some chips, and every time he brings one up to his mouth, Rocky the Bulldog is right there in his face. The poor pup's eyes are filled with so much hope for one little chip. You'll be yelling for dad to give him a taste!

LMAO! He was trying so hard to get a chip. Rocky was probably thinking, 'He'll notice that I want one if I get as close as possible to his face." Ha! It must've worked because the creator wrote in the comments for everyone not to worry, Rocky did get a chip. Thank goodness because people were demanding it! 

@miss.staceymac wrote, “😭 Give him one please!!! Can’t you see he is STARVINNG!!!” Oh yes, they probably don’t feed him at all! LOL! @mechelle ohara added, “Omg hurry up and kiss him give him a chip or something immediately 😂.” How could you not give him anything with that sweet face?! 

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It's honestly not our dogs' fault. They're doing exactly what @ZenShan68 said, "Quality control!!" Ha! They're just looking out for us and want to make sure the food is perfect! 

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