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Bulldog's Adorable 'Blep' Has Us in Awe of His Cuteness

Pet owners understand how little it takes to have us fawning over our fur babies--because they're exactly the same way! That's why we totally understood this dog mom's need to get her English Bulldog's 'blep' on camera. Reddington already has the sweetest face, but the tongue out just accentuates the cuteness!

We aren't the only ones falling head-over-heels in love with this tricolored boy--he already has over 87 thousand followers on his account, @reddingtonthebulldog. It won't be long now until he achieves full Internet fame for this blep! 

OMG, that face has us obsessed already! No wonder his mama and his thousands of followers are wrapped around his paw. Commenter @porkchop280 claims, "he couldn’t get any more adorable," and we think we have to agree! That blep makes Reddington off-the-charts cute. We could stare at him all day!

Another commenter, @nakuzbarakuz, has a possible explanation for this pup's silly facial expression. "It is called the sleepy tongue," they said. "Is it your first bully?!" Though not all bulldogs will experience this (not even breed standards can predict health or behaviors), it's definitely comforting to know that this new thing isn't something to worry about.

Besides--there's always @lavekag's idea! They wrote, "I think he wants something maybe." That's definitely a possibility! If he knows his mom reacts to a blep, why wouldn't he use it to his advantage?

Whatever the reasoning behind it is, though, we can all be in agreement about one thing: his cuteness! His blep would get him just about anything if he were with us, so we hope his momma can resist that adorable face! 

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