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Meat-Loving Bulldog's Reaction to Walking Past the Butcher Shop Is Totally Epic

Have you ever met a dog who doesn't love food? The answer is most certainly, no, and sometimes, it's impossible for them to think about anything else. Such was the case for one hungry Bulldog who went out for a walk with his owner and refused to go any further after stumbling upon the new butcher shop in town.

The video of the pup was shared on TikTok by @mrbentley_thedog, and with nearly half a million views, so many people are getting a kick out of his taste for meat. The clip is captioned with, "We walked past and he stood at the window. Got half way home, and he dragged me all the way back to the butcher. Stood there for 5 minutes before I dragged him home again." OMG. This pup totally knows what he wants! 

Poor guy looked so pitiful after realizing he was being taken back home without getting a bite of the beef! Everybody thinks he deserves his fair share. One commenter, @Cindylulu suggested, "Bentley should be their mascot and get all the free meats as compensation!" Another TikTok user, @jennacraigdesign added, "There's no better advertising than this for a butcher's shop! Get a collab going, and Bentley can be paid in meat! 🍖" And @Malvoiedeae joked, "It’s me in front of a pastry shop window. 😂"

Here's another clip from a few days earlier of Bentley's first glimpse of the butcher shop.

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He couldn't believe his eyes! For the love of Pete, would somebody please get this precious dog a steak, stat?! That's the least anyone can do for all the "torture" he's had to endure.

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