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Bunny's Extreme Response to Not Getting Her Breakfast On Time Is Too Relatable

If there’s one thing our animals never miss, it’s meal times. You can pretty much guarantee that when it comes time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your pet will be there. Blueberry the bunny is admittedly a big fan of eating, but the hilarious lengths that Blueberry will go to for a good meal is leaving commenters on TikTok stunned.

Let's not mince words — the Holland Lop loves a good meal. Whether that’s sneaking in some apple slices, nibbling on some veggie stalks, or chomping on a carrot, she's here for it. But the one thing she cannot abide by is waiting for her food, as can be seen in a video shared on the @bluberrythebun TikTok page. One morning, she had just had it with her mom’s dilly dallying with breakfast and decided to take things into her own hands.  “When human is late giving breakfast…” her owner wrote in the video’s onscreen text. Just watch what she does.

LOL! Down went the kitchen gate. Sure, it was a little destructive, but with over 87,000 views, it seems like most of the internet didn't mind. “The bunny has breached containment,” @pibblammed joked. “That's some battle rabbit you got there,” @ilyadehashem agreed. “They haven’t built a cage that can contain me!!” @moho565 wrote, as if reading Blueberry’s mind. While another commenter, @kill3r_qu33n623, wrote that Blueberry, “woke up and chose violence.”

And we have to hand it to her, Blueberry is stronger than we could’ve guessed. This is only one of many times that the bunny showed off her strength and agility. Like in another video, where she straight up leapt out of her enclosure and into the couch. 

“She CANNOT be contained,” her owner joked. And TBH, with examples like these, we’d be a little afraid to try.