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Video of Bunny Playfully Chasing the Family Cat Is Downright Adorable

Have you ever heard of a bunny being best friends with a cat? We definitely haven't, but we totally believe it's possible after watching a viral video on TikTok. The footage shows two pals — one bun and one cat — having the best time playing around together. And when you see the footage you'll crack up over the unique dynamic these two have.

The incredible footage was shared by their owner @denzelandleo, who regularly documents the adventures of their cat Leo and their bunny Denzel. The two love to hang around the house together, but sometimes they get a little rowdy. "When the predator becomes the pray," the video's text overlay reads. And yes, you absolutely need to watch the video below to see what this cryptic message means! 

"What was that about bunnies being afraid of cats?" the caption jokes. 

People have watched the footage over 860,000 times and were totally amazed by their friendship. "My bunny was the only animal my cat would tolerate (she punched him for inappropriate behavior sometimes though)," @_nataliastadolnik_ shared in the comments section. "Apparently cats and rabbits get along well because when a cat grooms a rabbit, both think they’re dominant," @kacchihuahua explained. "Poor Leo, I died when he came out of the tunnel and was spooked hahahha," @eeveeandyoshi confessed. "My sister's cat & bunny grew up together and turned out to be the same size. They would always play and then cuddle," @marveloussandstone explained. 

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It warms our hearts to hear even more stories of bunnies and cats getting along together. We're sorry we ever doubted the adorable friendship between these two.

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