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Video of Bunny Chomping Away on a Cucumber Couldn't Be More Satisfying

We've officially decided that we only want to get out food reviews from our pets because let's face it, it's way cuter! You've probably seen these food reviews before. The most common of these videos are dogs testing out different foods like mangos, broccoli and even lemons. LOL! But it's not just dogs giving us feedback. Bunnies have now entered the chat. 

TikTok user @thebrekkiebuns showed us that bunnies can also give us their honest opinions on different foods. In one of the TikToker's most recent videos, the Holland Lop Bunny named Oatmeal gave us her rating on a cucumber. And after careful deliberation, she delivers a wonderful review. It's so cute that it'll make you want to snack on a cucumber immediately! 

Stop it! This bunny is seriously too cute for words, but then you add in the cucumber review and we've completely fallen in love. "She really gave some contemplation before she answered," said @Monkey Mom198. Why yes she did! She licked herself clean, making sure it was good to the very last drop. Talk about thorough! 

"The little slide before stopping," pointed out @oivovio. LOL! The slide was adorable! And we should've known from that slide that this review was going to be a positive one. She clearly was so excited to get the cucumber! Maybe we need to get excited like Oatmeal before eating our veggies and then it won't be so bad. LOL! 

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@AntiSocialFilter wrote, "Oatmeal is like, 'What happened to the rest of it? I know there was more left.'" HA! You can't fool a pet when there's food involved! Let's hope Oatmeal got to snack on the rest of it. @teaovercoffee asked, "How do you get anything done with such a cute bun hopping around? 😂." Seriously though! We'd play with Oatmeal all day long, pushing off any of our responsibilities. Worth it though! 

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