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Video of Bunny Enjoying Banana As a Tasty Treat Couldn't Be Better

It's snack time! For pets like Walter the rabbit--and for people like us, that means it's our favorite time of day. There's nothing quite like pausing to chill and enjoy a bite when things get busy, especially with a buddy like Walter around. 

This gorgeous English Angora Rabbit, who goes by @itswalterhops on TikTok, doesn't mind being in front of the camera, especially if it means he's in for a treat. This time, it was a piece of banana, but if you're anything like us you'll be ready to find a snack of your own the moment you're done with the clip. 

Everything about this is positively precious. From Walter's tiny mouth sounds to the way his fur moves with him, there's really so much to appreciate. We just want to give him a cuddle!

Several commenters were surprised that bunnies and bananas are an OK combination, but others quickly explained otherwise. "This is my little one's favorite thing! All I have to do is say nanna and he comes running! ❤️🐰❤️," That's so cute! Not all bunnies will have the same preferences, though, so it's okay if this isn't their favorite snack. 

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In fact, it might be a good thing if your rabbit doesn't have an appetite for bananas. When @racha6754 commented, "I didn’t know bunnies like bananas," we thought the original poster had the best reply.

"IN MODERATION! Its a special treat b/c it has starch & sugar so its a rare day! 😄," she reminded viewers. Honestly, we're so glad he got some, though! We'd be lying if a banana didn't sound good to us right now too...

Until we get our hands on one, we'll just have to live vicariously through Walter. Commenter @lauren karma suggested that he try "strawberries too," so we hope we'll get a similar video from him soon!

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