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Bunny's Tiny Halloween Costumes Are Totally Impossible to Resist

Bunnies! They aren't just for Easter anymore! Bunnies are becoming such a popular pet. According to Pet Keen they are the third most popular pets for people to own in the United States. They are adorable, compact, and judging from the video that @Bunstoppablebun posted to TikTok, look utterly adorable in Halloween costumes. 

Just look at this cute video and decide which one of Mochi's costumes is your favorite. It's impossible to pick just one!

Awww, we love them all! Don't make us pick just one! @Damnskippy is conflicted too, because they type, "I’m torn between the witch and the hungry barista." @Sluesan is pretty decisive and makes a vote for "Witch hat!" We have to admit, that little witch hat is pretty dang adorable. @Justin just plain refuses to choose, and posts " Awesome! I love them all!" 

We love Mochi and all of her Halloween costumes! We are sort of disappointed we didn't get to see her in a Bunnicula costume though, but we guess there's always next year! We'd still give Mochi all the treats if she showed up on our doorstep on Halloween!

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