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Video of 'Bunny Who Knows How to Swim' Has People in Their Feelings

For the most part, the internet has become a place where people can show off the extraordinary things their pets can do. Some like to show off pet tricks, while others show how their pets have overcome intense obstacles. But many people on TikTok were divided after one woman shared a video of her bunny swimming in the ocean in Hawaii.

The video is actually pretty adorable. The footage shows TikTok creator @kralynsalazar10 releasing her bunny Lola into the water, and then Lola was off for a swim. “Good girl!” Kralyn can be heard saying from off camera. “Post this and say ‘my bunny knows how to swim,’” she joked in the caption. 

It’s not every day that you see a bunny swimming, so of course, people in the comments section were shook. “SWIMMING BUNNY, SWIMMING BUNNY,” wrote. “Your bunny knows how to swim better than my dog,” @bellaporter_ joked. “Her peddling is so cute, and her ears are floating in the water,” @itzel.cccc wrote. 

Still, other people thought letting a bunny swim was a bad idea. “,” @brookenunya wrote. “Anything can swim when you put it in water. Doesn't mean it's supposed to,” @haleymay1990 agreed. “There are so many things that can go wrong letting a bunny swim,” @cameronblue7 chimed in. In this case, Lola seemed happy to dive into the water and Kralyn even updated a second video, just to prove that Lola left the ocean completely safe.

But the conversation in the comments is a good reminder that if you’re ever unsure if you should do something with your pet, it’s always best to check in with their vet.