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Woman's Bunny Looks So Much Like a Stuffed Animal People Think He Isn't Real

Do you ever look at an animal and think they're so cute that there's no way they are real? No, just us? Well, we have a feeling that might change from one single video. And that's all thanks to this clip from an adorable longhaired bunny named Max, known on TikTok as @maxs_summer. Or so we think he is a bunny...

When we first watched this clip we couldn't tell if this little thing was real. Max usually has long hair, but his owner had to shave him down to clean him. We don't mind though because he looks SO cute! And his fluffy ears stand out even more. But the new look has us wondering, is he real? Join along with the other 3.7 million people who watched the clip to determine whether this bunny is a stuffed animal or not. The answer is not as easy as it sounds!  

O.M.G. Max is SO cute! We were like so many others who had a hard time determining whether or he was a stuffed animal. And we'd be lying if we said we got the answer right on the first try. LOL! 

Just like us, @brenna_booo couldn't tell if Max was real or not. She wrote, "I thought it was a stuffed animal till I saw its nose move and now I'm 3% less convinced it's a stuffed animal." LMAO! Even with Max's nose moving, he doesn't look real. Especially with how advanced toys are today, we're not surprised this person still isn't entirely convinced Max is a living, breathing bunny. LOL! 

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But now that we know Max is the real deal, we're all obsessing over him! @jamushi said, "The perfect bunny doesn't exist-." Couldn't even finish the thought because Max is the perfect bunny! "I want that bunny. Now," added @r0ckst4r420. We have a feeling everyone wants Max. He's just the cutest thing! But what would make him even cuter is what @kenzi said. The comment reads, "I feel like Max needs a bow tie." O.M.G. Could you imagine!? 

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