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Video of Bunny Sampling a Taste of a Cucumber Is So Cute We Can't Stand It

We can't get enough videos of animals trying different foods and giving their honest feedback. For starters, it's so adorable and also, it's hilarious because well, they'll eat just about anything. And if they don't, there's no hiding the disgust on their faces. LOL!

The latest animal food review comes from a bunny named Hashbrown, aka TikTok user @thebrekkiebuns. This time he was trying a cucumber. You'd think a vegetable wouldn't pass the deliciousness test, but Hashbrown is different. Literally within the first lick, he needed more. And we can't stop LOLing at how he got the entire cucumber. Have you ever seen something so adorable?!

Stop it! This little bunny is the cutest thing ever. Then when you throw in him eating the cucumber, ugh, game over! "Hashbrown is absolutely adorable eating their cucumber," said @bluebutterflywingz. Seriously, it doesn't get better than this!

Hashbrown couldn't deny the fact he actually liked the cucumber because he demanded it from his mom. "'I can feed myself mom...sheesh!' 🤣🤣," said @davidsoto282. LOL! That's exactly what was running through Hashbrown's mind. And he actually grabbed it out of her hands. A little rude yes, but at least he eats his veggies unlike most kids! 

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@Jv.private133 asked, "Have they ever tried pineapple?" Ohhh, now this is something we've got to see! In fact, sign us up for all of Hashbrown's food reviews. We'd trust this cutie with all our hearts on his food reviews!


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