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Video of Bunny Excitedly Hopping Into Mom's Bed for Cuddles Is Just Too Cute

As a parent to either little humans or pets, you most likely can never sleep in. For many pet owners, this means getting up bright and early to walk or feed them. So much for sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday! And for parents with kids, they probably come barging into your room at the crack of dawn. 

But some parents might find the early morning wake-up calls cute. That's how it is for one precious rabbit's mom. TikTok user @wilbur.therabbit hops into his mom's room every single morning. The caption reads, "Wilbur our dog." LOL. This bunny really is acting like a pup! And what he does to demand is morning cuddles is absolutely precious. Now, this is one wake-up call that we'd welcome in a heartbeat.

Wilbur is so cute! We've never seen a bunny come in to wake up its parents, but now that we have, we can't get enough! We wouldn't be mad at all if this fluff woke us up, even if it was at 5:00 am. 

"Not me not knowing bunnies jump that high 😳🐰," commented @Lori St. Amand. Not us actually jumping out of our seats when Wilbur cleared that jump. We were starting to get worried that he couldn't make it up and then out of nowhere he hopped right on up! 

And don't get us started on his roll-over flop. Isn't that exactly what dogs do?! @Dalton Trueman said, "That was an aggressive flop 🤣 ." Ha, it was! But to be fair, it was probably a long night without his mom's cuddles! Another user added, "(Flop) Cuddles now, please! Adorable!" We would immediately smother Wilbur with all the cuddles! 

Now, we're demanding what @bring souplantation back suggested. She asked, "Can you post one of these every day? I just want to be happy." All of us could use this adorable wake-up call to start our days!