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Video of Bunny Warming Her Nose on a Cup of Coffee Is So Irresistible

There’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee to start your day, whether you’re human or rabbit! Although most people enjoy sipping their coffee or even downing an espresso, this precious bunny likes her owner's coffee for one reason alone: to keep her little nose warm. 

Fluffy TikTok star @winniethewunderbun recently revealed her new habit when one of her human parents set down their cup of coffee. Since then, it's become a daily occurrence (and a viral video); we think it's safe to say coffee time is never overlooked in their home. Trust us, you'll want to see this!

Just look at her! We are absolutely living for that sweet little nose, and we aren't the only ones. TikTok user @snowywhite205 commented, "Winnie knows the little joys in life. Such an exalted sentient little floof!" Truer words have never been spoken.

With the video’s most popular comment @beppukki said what we’re all thinking: “Every morning??? Please I need a compilation like YESTERDAY.” Um, yes, please! We’re ready for an hour-long featured film.

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Even other rabbit owners are impressed with this bun’s manners, or the fact that she’s interested in coffee at all. “my bunnies HATE the smell of my coffee lol” commented, though as it turns out, so does Winnie! Her owners replied, “lol she doesn’t care for the coffee either really 😂.” This girl is all about soaking up the warmth!

Even though Winnie’s demeanor is as relaxing as can be, we can’t help but wonder if she can always be trusted around open drinks. Viewer @fhadlk had the same thought, saying “My bun would definitely knock my coffee over 😭.”

Winnie’s parents replied, “😂 she has tried a time or two when she’s done”. Too funny! We hope they’re able to catch this shenanigan on video one morning. Until then, though, we’ll just have to survive off of the compilation @beppukki requested. 

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