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Video of Cockatoo Singing Along to Katy Perry Is Impossible to Resist

Who can resist a Katy Perry song? She's been a music icon for over a decade with hit after hit. Even if you aren't a fan, you have to admit at least one of her songs had to have gotten stuck in your head. Or you've jammed out to her songs while enjoying a night out on the town. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone loves Katy Perry, even the birdies! Don't believe us? Just watch this recent TikTok clip posted to @busterrthecockatoo

Buster the cockatoo was caught red-handed singing along to a Katy Perry song. The caption on the video reads, "Just a bird in his swing singing Katy Perry." Not just a bird, the coolest, most musically talented bird we've ever seen! Buster's mom asked if it was his favorite song. And based on his reaction, we'd say it absolutely is his fav! 

What?! This is amazing! Who knew birds could have such rhythm. Buster was really rocking out to one of Katy Perry's songs. Someone needs to get this cutie to a concert ASAP. Or better yet, we agree with @Chaucer the Cockatoo who wrote, "Omg Buster you’re so sweet! I love your voice. You could be Katy Perry’s backup singer." Buster could absolutely be a backup singer for Katy Perry! He'd be the one responsible for selling out the shows. LOL! 

Another TikTok user, @DaisyLewis, commented, "I've never heard a bird sing along with a song playing before! Adorable!" Once you hear it once, you'll want to hear it again and again! "Sing it, Buster," added @busymom4kc. Yes, don't hold back, Buster. We all want to hear you! Now can someone please get Katy Perry's attention so we can get them to collab?