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Video of Cat Using His Wheelchair to Scoot Around the House Has People Cheering

Butters is a very special cat — he uses a wheelchair. The 1-year-old foster kitten has severe cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition which causes him to need some assistance getting around. And while the transition to using his new chair hasn't been easy, Butter's determination to use his chair to walk has people online smitten. 

According to Blue Pearl Pet Hospital, cerebellar hypoplasia is a "neurological disorder that causes sudden jerky movements, uncoordinated motion and loss of balance." Which for Butters means he needs a wheelchair to move. As the footage later shared on the @buttersthechkitten's TikTok page shows, Butters was super motivated to use his new chair and his mama was there to catch the whole thing on camera. "A determined little boi," the text overlay reads. "Taking a determined little scoot around the house." Just watch as Butters take those first few steps. He wants to chase that little ball so badly! 

"He did it!!!" the video's caption reads. 

The comments section was cheering Butters on. "Go Butters, go!!" @crazytuxedocatmom wrote. "Excellent job Butters!!!! Such a good boy. So happy to see you taking steps," @daybydayfaith added. "Good job Butters, keep working at it," @mugbug2011 praised. "Omg go butter's whoop whoop, love you beautiful boy," @angelsarecalling exclaimed. 

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A later video on Butter's page shows how much he's improved since those first few cautious steps in his chair. "One little step at a time," the text overlay states. 

He made it to his food! "Good boy!" his mom praised in the footage. 

You go, Butters! We knew you could do it.

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