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Woman on Girls Trip in Cabo Rescues Street Dog and People Are Falling in Love

Where we you when you found your pet? For some people, they found their cat or dog in a rescue — or maybe you got your animal as a birthday present when you were young. So many people are praising one woman on TikTok, who found her new dog in the most unusual way. And now people are applauding the woman for rescuing her pup in need.

In her video, TikTok creator @brunothecabopup explained that it all started on a girl's trip to Cabo, Mexico when she met "a street pup that wouldn't stop hugging" her, she explained in the video's text overlay. "You take him to the vet the next day for vaccinations and book him his first plane ticket," she continued. Yep, she loved him so much that she brought him home! 

Once she got him there, they took things slowly. But before long he was safe and secure in his new place. "When you go to Cabo for a girls trip and come home with the worlds best street dog," the caption reads. 

People in the comments section were cheering. "So awesome!!! Thank you for saving him!! This just made me cry!!" @mpurser64 wrote. "I’m crying!!!! About to book a flight to Mexico to pick one," @furlou teased. "Well you both won the lottery! Animals are the best and you’re amazing," @pao__b gushed. "You were the chosen one and this is what life grants you when you least expect it. The love of an animal that you saved is incomparable," @coraldubbs swooned. 

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This touches our hearts so deeply. We commend this TikToker for going the extra mile to give the dog a new life.

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