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Video of Caiman Showering Human Mom With Affection Is Going Viral

When you think of affectionate animals dogs most likely come to your mind first. At least that's the animal we think of! But thanks to TikTok, we've been learning about all the different cuddly animals in the world, even the ones we'd least expect. And trust us, there are ones we'd never ever think would be possible cuddlers.

TikTok user @crazycaimanlady wrote in a recent clip that everyone claims reptiles and crocodilians are not capable of feelings. Well, we definitely wouldn't put them at the top of the cuddly list. But we're learning that caiman reptiles might be a little different than we originally thought!  

O.M.G. No wonder this clip brought in nearly 7 million views within the first day. Everyone is mind-blown! The caiman was really snuggling with this TikToker. So cool! Who would've thought!?

"Reptiles definitely have some level of emotion and recognition of people who feed and are nice to them. My beardy only lets me hold/hand-feed him," wrote @livinginafoxglove. We think all animals have feelings. But to see reptiles be cuddly, now that's something new to us! 

Another TikTok user, @adrianferguson415, said, "That is so cool having a pet alligator and so gentle." Right?! We bet hundreds of people are going to want a pet alligator or a reptile of any kind after seeing this clip.  


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