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Cairn Terrier's Sad Way of Mourning His Big Brother Has Us Sobbing

Losing a beloved family member is never easy, and it always takes some time to heal from the pain. For animals, they usually don't understand why one of their loved ones isn't around anymore, and they spend a long time waiting for them to come home. One dog mom shared her pup's experience dealing with similar loss.

TikTok user @madduxthecairn recently shared a video of her Cairn Terrier, Maddux, grieving the loss of his big brother, Rocky. In the video, Maddux lays in the same spot near the front door awaiting the return of his brother who will never come home. Check out the video below to see this heart wrenching display of love. 

Oh my goodness, we are sobbing. We feel so sorry for Maddux, who is dearly missing his brother and best friend. He doesn't realize that Rocky has passed, so he lays by the door waiting for him to come home in the same spot Rocky used to lay in. Poor pup!

People in the comments are sending their condolences to this family. @mikeyman411 said, "Animals truly feel the same emotions. I'm so sorry for the loss your whole family must feel." Another user @stormchaser9876, commented, "I'm so sorry. It's heartbreaking to see this, but I hope all of you will heal from this loss. God bless." Losing a pet is a special kind of pain that only other pet parents understand!

Others expressed their wish for dogs to be lifelong companions for their humans. @stevenparsons868 commented, "Dogs should have a lifespan like humans, saying goodbye never gets easier," and @mustlove.dogs said, "The worst part of being a dog owner. Their short lifespan..." It's truly unfair how short our dogs lives are compared to humans.

We wish Maddux and his family love and healing as they grieve Rocky. We think adopting a senior rescue to accompany Maddux in his later years would do him and the rest of the family some good!

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