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Little Calf Takes a Trip Through the Drive-Thru Line in Video We Absolutely Love

As pet owners, we love taking our furry friends through the drive-through at fast food restaurants to get them a snack and say hi to the employees at the window. Everybody wins because our pets are thrilled to be included, and the workers love to see the animals in the car to break the monotony of a long shift. Typically, it is dogs that come along for drive-through food with their owners, but in this instance, these workers got a wonderful surprise when one couple brought their usual pet on their car ride.

TikTok user @diehardcowboy_ recently shared a video of himself and his wife riding in the car and making a stop for some fast food. With them in the car was their young calf! This baby was sitting with them in the front seat and patiently waited to see what Dad had ordered her for lunch. Check out the video to see this adorable passenger and the reactions of the drive-through employees! 

OMG, we are obsessed with this video. We love how calm this calf was while riding in the car with her hooves crossed in her lap. Those drive -through workers were thrilled to see this baby, and we can't blame them!

People in the comments were shocked by how relaxed this calf was. @sallythebunnie said, "The way she was in you lap while ordering made my day," and @bowhunter_92 commented, "Her cute little front legs were crossed!" This little lady was cool as a cucumber while they went around the drive-through line!

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Others though that this calf was so well behaved that she deserved a pup cup! @user582414362 commented, "Need a pup cup for the grass puppy," and @stephanie_eisnicher asked, "Did she get a pup cup?" Luckily, her owner confirmed that she did, in fact, get a pup cup! All good girls, regardless of species, need to be rewarded with a pup cup.

In a comment, her dad said that, unfortunately, her days of riding in the car quickly ended because she grew too big, but we hope this serves as inspiration for other calf owners to take their baby cows out for a spin and treat at the drive-through!

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