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Calf's Adorable Protest Over No Longer Being Bottle Fed Is Everything

Growing up is hard, no matter what species you are. After relying on a caretaker for so long, it can be difficult to know how to navigate on your own. Even if all you're adjusting to is your meal--just like this silly rescue calf--it can be a big deal!

Clearly, transitioning from bottles to solid food was not on Sandy Moo's to-do list. When her human mama, Hope (who goes by @boymomfisher on TikTok), started giving the little cow feed instead of milk, the tiny bovine had a lot to say on the matter. Luckily for us, Hope managed to catch it on tape! 

Aww, poor lil' Sandy Moo! She's probably super confused about her new feeding routine, but we know she'll get the hang of it in time. Still, it tugs on our heartstrings to see her so upset. 

Commenter @shannonclark18 is on the exact same page. "Omg your strong I would have caved and given her the bottle," she admitted. Us, too! Hope made the right move though, and we're just grateful we get to see Sandy's little tantrum on film.

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"As a farmer I love it," wrote @x3longlive. "She’s jus being sassy." It certainly seems like it! It goes to show how much Sandy trusts Hope if she's willing to go this far out of her way to complain. She knows her mama will hear her out! If not, maybe the calf will turn to the commenters for help--LOL!

"I'm calling CPS (cattle protection services)," joked @iowahuntress02. "Give this baby a bottle 😭😭😭 LOL SO CUTE 😍." Isn't she precious? It's good to know we aren't the only ones under her spell, but we still have no clue how Hope can resist.

Still, she has an iron will and is helping her baby adjust to being a big girl. Here's how day 2 went!

Were you really surprised? Sandy isn't going to be giving up her bottle quite so easily, but at least her mama is getting some great videos in the process.

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