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Calico Cat's Adorable Cuddles With Dad Can Turn Anyone Into a Cat Person

There are always those pet parents who swear they aren't animal people, but before you know it they're all cuddled up with that pet they didn't want. Sound familiar? Whether that person is you or someone you know, you'll definitely relate to @mommyfarmer's recent popular video.

In the clip, her husband snuggles up with the family's Calico cat, Winona. If you think that sounds cute, just wait until you see the kitty's reaction to being close to her dad!

How precious! That's so typical of a cat to stick like glue to the non-cat person, but if we're being honest we think anyone could be converted by this cutie. Just look at those biscuits she's making! 

"Winona could turn anyone into a cat person," wrote commenter TBH, you're probably right! From that loving look to her gentle kneading, there's so much to love about this kitty.

Still, it's hard not to get a chuckle out of that intense look Winona is giving her dad. "In case you haven’t noticed," @Rmartinez2373 said, "someone is flirting with your husband." LMAO! To be honest, that is exactly what her body language looks like, and we are living for it. @Heatherralph43 loved "the way she puts her head on him." She is seriously the sweetest girl. 

We think her humans lucked out! As much as this cat's gentle nature is a result of being around kind humans, we think @melellaboo is totally on point. She wrote, "You really don't get a choice in the matter. They choose you," and we couldn't agree more. 

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