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Video That Appears to Show the Spirit of Family's Late Dog Is Giving People Chills

Losing a beloved pet is one of life's greatest heartbreaks, but many grieving owners take comfort in knowing that their fur baby's soul will always be with them. This is exactly what Melissa--who goes by @meltrep_ on TikTok--and her fiancé believed when Kujo, the fiancé's family dog, passed away in 2018. 

Although it's been several years since the Golden Retriever crossed the Rainbow Bridge, the family's door camera captured footage that seems to show Kujo's presence on June 5, 2022. Needless to say, it's just as emotional as it is shocking, but Kujo's family feels grateful to know that she really is always with them. Take a look for yourself, and keep an eye out for a figure following her family member out the door.

That's absolutely amazing. It looks exactly like her shape--wagging tail and all--headed out the door with her loved one. It must have been so powerful for Kujo's family to see. One thing is for sure, though (just as @rmac77 said in the comments): "They never leave us 🐾."

If you're not reaching for the tissues already, you're going to want one for reading through the comments. So many pet owners are feeling more connected to their four-legged angels thanks to this video, and, although it's sad, it's beautiful to see. 

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Commenter @sarquitax3's story is so relatable and touching. "Weirdly, I would get random really quick glimpses of my doggo who passed last year and my heart would get all excited real quick but then I realize..."

"I saw my girl in our window as I mowed the lawn," @grousedad shared. "It’s where she’d always be when I was mowing. When I looked back she was gone. I’ll never forget it." We know she was there watching you, but the emotions of that moment have us bawling just thinking about it. 

In a way, though, we do feel a sense of peace and even a bit of joy seeing that a fur baby's spirit stays with those they love. We hope Kujo's family feels it, too. 

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