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House Camera Catching Weimaraner Sneaking Into the Fridge Is Priceless

TikTok doggo @podarrozweimaraner's owners decided to check in on the dogs while at work. They probably missed their dogs and wanted to see their faces. But what was just supposed to be a friendly check-in ended in a big no-no for their Weimaraner. 

The owners have Furbo in the house, which allows you to move the camera and see around the house from your phone. Some Furbo's even allow you to throw a treat out to your fur babies when you're not home. But it's safe to say no treats will be given to these doggos after they got caught doing something bad.  

O.M.G. Is he serious?! He really opened the fridge door and was digging for gold in there. LOL! He did take one for the team because the other dogs were just watching. But something tells us it wasn't this dog's idea. He's just the only one that can reach. "Cat is the mastermind behind everything!!" commented @mooshmom. That's what we believe! 

@kimchezza11 wrote, "Just going to prepare dinner for you." Oh yeah, that's totally what they were doing...Ha! And now the owner ruined the surprise by checking in on them. The dogs were just trying to do something special for crying out loud!

Honestly, we feel for this Weimaraner after not finding anything good in the fridge. We've all been there before. @creatorofthree said, "Don’t you hate looking in the fridge to find nothing you want to eat?" It's the absolute worst thing imaginable! We'd say better luck after the owners go food shopping but we have a feeling they'll be locking the fridge from now on. Ha!   


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