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Video of Cows Enjoying Their Dinner of Dahlias Is So Delightful

We have to blame Yellowstone. The amazingly popular Kevin Costner-led series is making so many of us daydream about quitting our lives and moving to a ranch in Montana where we can do nothing but gaze at the prairie all day and pet adorable cows. 

But with, you know, less murder. 

Think about it, cowboys, rodeos, vast open plains, copious amounts of whiskey and adorable farm animals. So we aren't positive if the account @Wildrootsfarm has any of the aforementioned things, but we are positive they have adorable farm animals covered. Just look at these precious cows enjoying their gorgeous flower-filled lunch and tell us you don't want to go to there

Gah! Everything about this is so dreamy and lovely. @AlwaysAutumn posts, "That beautiful arrangement was definitely enjoyed by them." It was almost too pretty to eat! @Kegborn says, "Adorable faces!" @Cheryl posts what a lot of us are feeling, "I'm so in love. This video makes me so happy inside." 

Us too, girl! What a beautiful send off to summer. So we may not all be able to quit our cow-less realities, but can we at least come to lunch with these lovely heifers? Volunteer at the farm? Offer our cow-petting services? BRB, we are off to pack our cowboy boots just in case we receive an invitation! 

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