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Little Dog in Canada Who Still Needs Her 'Forever Home' Has Us in Tears

A Toronto-based animal rescue, known on TikTok as @urbantailsrescue, is currently working as a foster-based rescue, which means there is no physical shelter yet. One of their foster rescues is still looking for her forever home. So, every view on social media is hopefully a step closer to bringing her family to her.

Meet Varsha. She’s currently being fostered in Toronto, but she was brought to the rescue after being at a shelter in India. She’s still adapting to her new surroundings and the new city. And what’s the best way to adjust to a new city? Being surrounded by her forever family, of course!

Aww, poor Varsha! We can’t believe she’s been in Canada for six months and still hasn’t been adopted. Who wouldn’t want this sweet, sweet girl!? @elenalove76 asked, “How can that be? Such a cutie.” We’re wondering the same thing!

@glucosetipsforthegurls said, “Omg. I want to break my rental rules for Varsha!!” Totally worth it! LOL! And if your landlord doesn’t want Varsha, then we say it’s time to move!

“Come on Canada we are better than this. Let’s get her a home,” commented @dlaking2. That’s right! Unfortunately, the rescue can’t do adoptions out of the province, but we’re really hopeful this video will reach the right local family. The rescue did already say they received several applications to adopt Varsha! The best news ever! But if you’d still like to apply, feel free to fill out their adoption form here.

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