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Video of Huge Cane Corso Who’s Scared to Go Down the Escalator Is Going Viral

Big dogs have the reputation for being tough. But when you really pay attention, you'll quickly realize they're bigger babies than one could ever imagine. That's the lesson that one man on TikTok recently learned the hard way, after his Cane Corso refused to go down an escalator at the mall. 

Thankfully, Tyriek Washington (@twashingtonspeaks) captured the whole hilarious incident and recently shared it online. "The big baby was scared to go down alone," the video's voiceover said. Which unfortunately meant one thing: dad needed to carry him. Good grief. 

According to the American Kennel Club, Cane Corsos can often weigh over 100 lbs. once they're full grown. Which probably means that Washington got quite the workout in, as was noticed by many people in the comments section. "Not a grown man carrying another grown man," @aples0ckzz joked. "He said you better not drop me," @whathappened106 wrote. "Even after you reached the floor, your dog STILL didn't want to get down!" @beethatoulds teased. To which Washing explained that his dog "still thinks he’s three months."

And while it might seem like the dad was giving his dog too much attention, many people praised him for doing the right thing. "I don’t mean to be a Karen but I have a service animal.. avoid having them go down on their own, they can get their paws stuck and shredded. ADORABLE," @michellebalvs explained. "I work at the airport in Charlotte and a dog’s paw was caught in the escalator yesterday. The screams that poor dog let out was gut wrenching," @ramcon66 shared. "No judgments here. I still always fear my shoelace is gonna get caught and I get shredded," @spinnakerou joked.

So there you have it. Just a dad taking care of his 100 pound child the best way he can.