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Cane Corso's Annoyed Reaction to Mom Changing the Sheets Is the Best

We all know that some dogs don't like baths, but one Cane Corso on TikTok is cracking everyone up with how much he really hates it when his owners clean. Not only does Meatball hate it when it's his turn to wash up, but he really gets furious when his owners change their sheets. Now people on TikTok just can't get enough of his hilarious reaction when he learned his owners made him take a bath AND changed the same sheets on the same day. 

The dog's owner @cutelittleidiots must've suspected that poor Meatball was really going through it. So she recorded his fury for everyone to see. The pup was giving his mama quite the earful, but luckily she translated his grunts and growls for all of us to understand. "How dare you!" the text overlay reads. "Clean sheets...and a bath?!" In the same say?!? Garbage," it states. The look on Meatballs' face is everything. 

His owner explained in the caption that the reason why Meatball hates wash day is because "He likes when our bed smells like him," so we can totally understand why he was peeved. 

The comments section was on Meatball's side. "Meatball would like a word with management," @madhatterchxs joked. "He said the audacity…the unmitigated GALL mom," @kaylanward307 added. "Someone said Christopher Walken and now I can't unhear it," @crutchesandcontour teased. "He's going to leave you a very unkind Yelp review after this," @fvdynextdoor kidded. 

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But we wouldn't be too worried about Meatball. We're sure he got into his owners bed that very night and made things go back to "normal."

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