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Cat Being a 'Good Boy' During a 3-Hour Train Ride Is the Definition of Chill

It's not everyday that you see an animal riding a train or plane or any public transportation. But when you do, it makes your day instantly better. That's why TikTok user @vickytheglobalotter had to her experience on a 3-hour train. 

Across the aisle from her was an orange cat. You might be thinking to yourself, "A cat on a 3-hour train? There's no way!" And trust us, we thought the same thing. But you'll be amazed at how well behaved this fur baby is. Check it out! 

Stop it! This is seriously too cute! We can't believe the cat stayed so relaxed and calm during that long train ride. We're not even that chill. LOL! 

"I didn't see the cat at first and thought you were calling the guy a good boy 😭," commented @masterofall4elements. HA! Trust us, you aren't the only one who thought that. The cat blends right in that we're sure many people didn't see him at first! @lolhidani added, "I would purposely sit in the seat next to the owner so that I could ask to pet the cat every 5 seconds." Wouldn't we all do that?! 

Another TikTok user, @alexis_neumann, pointed out, "The way this man is using the tiniest lap space to place his laptop so kitty could have the entire table." Aww, we didn't even notice that. How sweet! 


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