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Cat Sweetly 'Tries to Adopt New Human' After Sister Goes to College

When your kids go away to college, it can be a hard transition for the whole family. The kid can no longer rely on their parents for day to day things, and the parents have to get used to their kid exercising greater independence. One member of the family often left out of the college conversation, however, is the family pet.

TikTok user @kadsiff recently shared a video of her Bengal cat, Malakai, and her husband that she recorded to send to her daughter who is away at college. In the video, Malakai 'tries to adopt a new human' now that his sister is gone. Check out the video to see how this 'adoption' went!

OMG, this is so precious! Malakai's dad acted all tough and indifferent to the kitty at first, but he finally relented and gave him some great belly rubs and pats. This is such a dad move!

People in the comments found the dad's quick concession hilarious. @pugnacious_piscean said, 'He just gives in like "OK, assume the position," LOL' and @viktoriiaaaaa.p commented, "I like how he said get comfy and cat was like alright." We bet Dad secretly wanted to pet Malakai but had to put on a tough-guy act first!

Others couldn't believe what a beautiful kitty Malakai is. @lauliepoli commented, "Why is no one talking about how stunning that cat is!" and @caitbrosnan99 said, "Your cat is absolutely gorgeous!" The markings on this kitty are just amazing!

We feel bad that Malakai has to be without his sister now that she is at school, but it seems like he is going to be getting plenty of love from his dad in the meantime!

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