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Cat Awaiting Adoption at Florida 'PetSmart' for Nearly 200 Days Is Heartbreaking

TikTok user @p1antboy has noticed one animal, in particular, every time she's at a Florida PetSmart - a beautiful cat named Cleo. At first, Cleo wouldn't even interact with her. The poor kitty was so sad and depressed. Now, Cleo accepts all the love this TikToker brings every time she visits. 

Unfortunately, this creator can't adopt Cleo because she already has three pets at home. So instead she's doing the next best thing. She's sharing Cleo's story in hopes someone else will bring Cleo home. And we severely hope this works because Cleo has been at this PetSmart for long enough.

Ugh, we can't handle this. We truly hope this video finds the right person so Cleo can finally go home. She's been in there for over 170 days. That's not right for any animal. She deserves so much more than what she's experienced at this PetSmart.

"Thank you for caring for this sweetie. I hope this reaches her future forever family soon!" said @carovixx. The fact that this TikToker takes time to stop by Cleo's cage to give her some love is so beautiful. And we too hope a forever family for Cleo is out there! 

We're hopeful though because we think the social media magic is working! @xo.olivee wrote, "Going to visit her tomorrow and maybe adopt her. I have 2 cats already, but I've been wanting to add a new member to this family." Aww! We hope the visit goes wonderfully and that this TikToker user can bring Cleo home! 


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