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Mama Cat Adopts Orphaned Coyote Pup in Video That Tugs at the Heartstrings

Adoption is a beautiful thing that proves just how limitless love can be. Because family is family! Other species participate in this phenomenon, too--even in the wild--but nothing blows our mind quite as much as an interspecies adoption. Yep, that's a totally real thing!

Although this kind of adoption is usually set up by helpful animal experts (zookeepers, veterinarians, etc.), it still takes a lot of effort and acceptance on behalf of the animals. Wiley Coyote and his feline mom (yep, she's a cat!) are the perfect examples of this kind of acceptance. They're just like any other mother-son duo!

How cute is that?! It's hard to believe that that tiny lil' baby grows up into a full-size coyote and that he still lives with his family months later. That's right--this is a bit of an older video,  but that just makes the relationship even more impressive, if you ask us. 

"She looks at ya as if to say isn't my new baby adorable 😁," @valrizzomamagirl commented. She totally does! Showing off must come second nature to his girl. We love how she started grooming Wiley almost immediately, too. If he's going to be hers, he's also going to be clean!

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Viewers like @raynaq1971 love the way "she looks up and says 'I’ll take it,'" after meeting the pup. It was instant acceptance! Wiley snuggled in and accepted this tortoiseshell cat right back, so we're really not surprised that he's still a beloved member of the family. Just look how big he is now!

IDK about you, but we think Wiley's story is pretty amazing. No wonder he's rising to TikTok stardom!

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