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Cat Refuses to Let Human Mom Near ‘Her’ Foster Kitten in Funny Video

We’ve all seen it before - moms being protective over their newborns. We can’t blame them. It’s a normal instinct. They want to make sure their babies are safe from anyone and everything. Especially animal mamas. Sometimes they’re very proud and want to show off their babies. But oftentimes, they won’t even let you go near the little ones. 

One cat’s mother instinct went to a new level, especially for a kitty that wasn’t hers! TikTok user @sundaeandmochi recently shared a story about fostering a kitten. Their current cat, Mochi, took it into her own paws to look after the kitten. And well, now she thinks the cat is her baby. LOL!  Watch what happens when Mochi’s mom asks to hold the kitten. 

OMG! We jumped back in our chairs because we weren't expecting that at all! She wasn't going to let anyone near her baby! Well, not her baby, but the baby she unofficially adopted as her own. LOL! 

Was her reaction a little too harsh? Maybe, but she was just doing her motherly duties. The kitten might have thought otherwise. @Wild DragonFlying said, “Even the kitten’s like 😳.” Ha! It’s like a teenager getting embarrassed to be seen with their parents. Another commenter, @crystalbaker257, said, “Kittens like ‘Dang mom, it’s not that serious .’” 

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We don't think she had an unreasonable reaction. We actually find it hilarious! And we aren't the only ones cracking up at Mochi's hilarious snap. @Tracey Coppol wrote, "Mochi the spicy Step Mom." Ha! We love that! "She said ABSOLUTELY NOT," added @Justin Tyme. Thanks for asking, but heck no!

At least this family knows the kitten will have someone to watch over her! 

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