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Smart Cat’s Way of Telling Mom His Litter Needs Changing Has People Blown Away

After a long and hard day at work, all you want to do when you come home is kick up your feet, relax, and, of course, say hello to your four-legged besties. Usually, pets are thrilled when you come home. They enjoyed their time alone, but they would much rather be with you. Or maybe they’re just happy you come home so you can feed them and empty their litter box.

One cat mom's experience when coming home was barely met with a hello. TikTok kitty @catmanjohn didn’t care that his mom just got home from work and that she wanted to relax. He needed a favor and he needed it at that exact moment. Kitty John is a neat freak. So when mom came home, he turned to her and asked her in a very clear and unbelievable way to clean up his litter. This is one incredibly smart cat!

OMG! John really went to the talk button and stepped on “litter.” How the heck did he learn that word?! His mom reluctantly got up off the couch and went to check the litter, just as he asked. Lo and behold the litter box was flashing, which means it needed to be cleaned! We are mind blown by this smart kitty.

TikTok user @Vanessa Parra put it best, “He runs a tight ship.” LMAO! He’s clearly whipping his mom into shape to keep the house tidy! @Kira wrote, “He’s like, ‘Ma’am, I know what the light means. Please get on with it!’” He’s got business to attend to and he needs it clean ASAP.

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Sounds like this mom is working for John here since she couldn’t relax. It’s as if he owns this place! LOL. And you know what they say, “The manager is always right,” as @kafrpaulco pointed out. Better if this mom just cleans up instead of arguing with John! “Good customer service is important. He’ll give you a good Yelp review!” said @Sandar Wiler.  The better reviews the better the chance of bringing in new kitties! 

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