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Cat Who Looks Like He's 'Always Smiling' Has Everyone Totally Obsessed

Cats aren't exactly known for being friendly. Which is probably why the internet can't get over one Tabby Cat that looks like he's smiling all the time. The rescue cat from Canada recently went viral with a compilation video of his biggest smiles — and we really think he's the happiest cat out there. 

If Tony ever had a bad day, we wouldn't know it because this guy always looks happy. In fact, his owner @tonythetabbycat shared a whole montage of the cat's biggest smiles in a recent video. 

"Tony looks like he is always smiling," the onscreen caption reads. TBH, we totally agree! 

The comments section also thought that Tony looked like one happy cat. "Awww Tony you do look like you’re smiling. You make me happy seeing your cute little face," @millstream6 wrote. "To me he looks like he loves life and looks at it with great anticipation. He’s a very happy kitty…," @ angelinajiana added. "The cutest smile I've ever seen on a kitty cat. Beautiful floofster," @cynthiatolley497 chimed in. "He doesn't look like he's smiling. He is smiling," @jamesbraine1 pointed out. 

We wish every cat smiled as much as Tony does.

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